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Serving the NY area for over 30 years

Ace Service & Installation has been serving the NY area for over 30 years, selling and servicing anything you’d use in a service bay, along with any type of car lift you could possibly imagine. During this time we’ve grown in Farmingdale to become a full service auto repair company capable of designing and installing complete automotive repair facilities.

There’s a reason that everyone from small repair shops to dealerships and companies with major fleet operations all rely on Ace Service: our Farmingdale technicians are trained experts. When it comes to repairs, we know what lasts and what doesn’t. When it comes to purchasing, we know how to recommend the right piece of equipment to get the job done, without adding costs of things you don’t need.

While others in the business may sell disposable bargain brand import products, we carry a hand picked selection of new equipment in Farmingdale that we stand behind. We do not sell, install, service, or even deliver any lift that is not ALI Certified. An ALI Certified lift (see video at the bottom of the page) ensures that the lift is properly engineered and accurately rated. One of the standards for this certification is that is has been tested at 1.5x it’s rated capacity.

It’s our belief that installing new equipment, be it a complete new auto dealership, an indoor parking system, a tire machine, or a single lift, should be a pleasant experience. You’re getting something new, you expect it to function properly and help boost your revenue for years to come. For any new equipment we recommend, we’re a factory authorized installer and a warranty service provider.