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ALI Certified
What does certification mean to you?

Congratulations! You’ve arrived. That car once featured on the poster in your bedroom is now parked safely in your garage. Why trust your childhood dreams to a lift that hasn’t been tested at the industry’s highest standards? Our home auto lifts are built for commercial applications and ready to protect your precious cargo.


Purchasing a lift doesn’t need to be complicated.

When purchasing a car lift for residential use who wants to deal with the hassle of delivery, heavy equipment rental, off-loading, and coordination of contractors for assembly and installation? Ace Service & Installation is your one stop shop. We’re a complete and total turn-key solution. Our trained representatives can walk you through the process of picking the right lift for your application and space. Once you’ve decided on a lift, our expert technicians will arrange for the delivery and installation of your brand new beautiful lift in your garage.

Residential 4-Post Storage Lifts

If you’re thinking about installing a lift in your garage primarily for storage, a 4-Post Lift is going to be your best option. The reason being: for the health of your vehicle, specifically the suspension system, it’s always best to have your wheels on the ground when storing for extended periods of time. Storage on a 2-Post Lift would leave the vehicle hanging on its frame which is not ideal.

Challenger Lifts 7,000 lb. Capacity and 9,000 lb. Capacity 4-Post Lifts are perfect for home garage, commercial storage and light-duty general service applications. These models are ALI Certified at their rated capacity to be freestanding. In other words, they do not have to be anchored. We typically do not anchor these lifts, but if you would be more comfortable with it bolted down we can certainly do so.

Multiple height, length and width models are available to provide unlimited options for the DIY enthusiast. With optional rolling jacks, ramp upgrades, oil drain pans and other accessories, you’ll be able to accommodate just about anything that comes in your garage and afford room to grow with its reasonable cost.


It’s the best of both worlds. Service your vehicles or store them up top. With as much as 80” in rise height (CL4P9X), most full size vehicles are easily parked underneath for everyday use. Optional drip tray set completes the storage application, keeping any fluids from contacting the vehicle underneath.


Challenger Lifts CL4P Series offers superior quality than competitive 4-Post Lift brands. With multiple lock positions it is perfect for light duty service up to 9,000 lb. Capacity. Optional rolling jacks and jack trays provide quick tire and brake work access.


If you’re not looking to store a vehicle but are looking to perform any service beyond an oil change, a 2-Post Lift might be the best option for you. 2-Post Lifts typically require a 12’ Clear Ceiling. However, if you do not have that much room available we can install a low-ceiling baseplate lift which has an open top, and shorter columns that come in at 10’ 1”.

For residential applications, we recommend going with the following options from Challenger Lifts Economy Line that are listed below. Having said that, if you’re more comfortable with a 2-Post Lift that’s Made in the USA you can view our domestic options here.

Challenger Lifts Model CL4P7

ALI Certified 7,000 lbs Capacity, 4-Post Storage Lift
68” Rise Height, 63” Clearance Underneath Fully Raised
6’ 7.5” Column Height, 8’ 4.5“ Overall Width, 13’ 3.5“ Length (Without 36” Ramps)


Challenger Lifts Model CL4P9S

ALI Certified 9,000 lbs Capacity 4-Post Storage Lift
73” Rise Height, 68” Clearance Underneath Fully Raised
7’ 1/2” Column Height, 9’ 4.5“ Overall Width, 14’ 5.5“ Length (Without 36” Ramps)

Challenger Lifts Model CL4P9X

ALI Certified 9,000 lbs Capacity 4-Post Storage Lift
78.5” Rise Height, 80” Clearance Underneath Fully Raised
7’ 1/2” Column Height, 9’ 4.5“ Overall Width, 16’ 5.5“ Length (Without 36” Ramps)

Challenger Lifts Model CL4P9W

ALI Certified 9,000 lbs Capacity 4-Post Storage Lift
85.5” Rise Height, 80” Clearance Underneath Fully Raised
7’ 1/2” Column Height, 10’ 7.25“ Overall Width, 16’ 5.5“ Length (Without 36” Ramps)


Challenger Lifts LE10

11’ 11.875” Overall Height, 79” Full Rise

10′ 11.75″ Overall Width / 10,000 lb. Capacity / 1’ and 2’ Column Extensions Available

The Challenger Lifts LE10 2-Post Lift is equipped with a Front 3-Stage Versymmetric Arm and a Rear 2-Stage allowing symmetric and asymmetric lifting. Single point mechanical lock release for ease of use and telescoping screw footpad assembly allow for maximum adjustment.

Challenger Lifts CLFP9

10’ 7/8” Overall Height, 137.5″ Overall Width, 79” Full Rise

9,000 lb. Capacity

The Challenger Lifts CLFP9 2-Post Floorplate Lift measures in at 10’ ⅞” overall height, making it the perfect option for any low ceiling application. The low-profile floorplate allows for vehicle positioning with ease. 3-Stage Versymmetric Front and Rear Arms with telescoping screw footpad assembly allow for maximum arm sweep and balance adjustment.