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Challenger Lifts DX77 Scissor Lift: Low Profile Double Scissor Lift

Challenger Lifts new DX77 7,700 lb. capacity scissor lift was engineered with efficiency and productivity in mind. Our scissor lift can easily lift all makes and models (within rated capacity) with synchronized hydraulic system. Diamond plated flip-up approach ramps allows the platform to extend to accommodate longer wheelbase vehicles.

DX77 scissor lifts offer free access all around the vehicle, and between platforms, with a cross-member free design providing an uncluttered and hazardous free work area.

Our new DX77 scissor lift can be installed above ground or flush mount.

Features & Benefits:

  • Double scissor lifting for taller rise allows more overall working clearance.
  • Reinforced diamond plated ramps easily flip up to extend platform.
  • Mechanical safety lock with air actuated release allows technician to work at an ergonomic height to increase productivity and minimize fatigue.
  • Lift transition cam provides a more controlled and smoother rise and descent.
  • The hydraulically synchronized system provides 7,700 lbs lifting capacity.
  • Power unit console houses three simple button push controls:
    • Raise
    • Lower
    • Lock Release


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Challenger Lifts SX14 Series Scissor Lift: 14,000 lb. Scissor Alignment Lift

Challenger Lifts’ SX14 Series scissor lifts are easy to operate, provide increased accessibility to alignment adjustment areas and are easy to load. Space saving design allows more scissor lifts to fit into the same operating space as 4-post lifts.

Features include LED lighting and single locking point rear slip plate locks; drive-on and off runway design, and is available in flush and surface mount models.

This alignment package includes the lift, 2 Rolling Jacks, Turntables, Rear Slip Plates and an Airline Kit for the jacks.

Features & Benefits:

  • ALI-Certified
  • 2 Rolling Jacks, Turntables, Rear Slip Plates and Airline Kit included!
  • Extra wide runway width to accommodate super singles and dual rear wheel
  • Auto on/off light feature ensures to power when operating in the hazard zone
  • Light mounting position optimizes viewing angle, illuminating key inspection and adjustment areas
  • Maintenance reduced rear slip plates use oversized, encapsulated bearings that roll upward to protect against environment debris
  • Twin hydraulic cylinders
  • Approach ramps are equipped with end rollers to minimize noise and reduce floor damage
  • Single point mechanical locking with pneumatic safety lock release from the control console
  • Flow sensing valves within the hydraulic control circuit


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