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Ace Service & Installation is a distributor of Balcrank dispensing equipment used in the automotive, commercial and industrial markets. Our products service automotive quick lube facilities, dealerships, fleet, and commercial vehicle applications.

We sell and service pumps, retractable hose reels, control handles, control valves, fluid inventory control and management systems and other lubrication equipment accessories.

Ace Service & Installation also has tank packages available for both motor oil, and waste oil. We can provide a complete setup and make sure your system is in compliance with local State and County regulations.


The Heart of Any Dispensing System

Balcrank pumps are designed and tested at very high standards. Their quality is proven in our many years of manufacturing success with a variety of customers and applications. Many dealerships in the New York area prefer and rely on Balcrank equipment. We offer pumps for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications requiring low to high flow rates and pressure capabilities in our Farmingdale auto shop.

Hose Reels

Balcrank Signature Series

We carry a full line of heavy-duty hose reels for most applications. Hoses are offered from ¼” ID to 1” ID with lengths up to 100’. Balcrank reels are manufactured to ensure consistent quality and reliability.

Evolution: This hose reel is an Evolution in design and performance. Lightweight but extremely rugged, featuring a steel pedestal and arm and dual ball bearings for smooth retraction and minimal wear. The Evolution combines superior design, performance and reliability for today’s customers.

Classic: This solid all steel hose reel is preferred for general duty, automotive dealerships and service garages around the Farmingdale area. Proven performance and reliable operation for over a decade.

Premium: Today’s heavy-duty hose reel market demands an innovative use of components that provide long life, improved serviceability, and superior structural design. The Premium reel incorporates advanced design features that ensure long life in the toughest environments while reducing overall weight.

EV/EVX: These extended volume hose reels are designed for high volume heavy-duty applications where large hose diameters or long lengths are required for increase flow and versatility.

Control Handles

Built to last.

Control handles endure the abuse of being dropped, bumped, jarred, and sometimes, even run over. From mechanical to digital, pistol grip to in-line, preset, and standard, we’ve got you covered. Balcrank offers a full range of control handles for any application. All handles are designed with shock resistant, high impact nylon shrouds.

DR Series: The Digital Registry (DR) meter is the cure for the common meter. In-line design, extremely accurate and may be calibrated to dispense in quarts, gallons, liters, or pints. The DR Meter features the newly designed ergonomic handle with comfort grip, extended swivel cover, forged aluminum body, and trigger lock. Improved serviceability makes this meter a winner for all applications.

MR Series: The Mechanical Registry (MR) meter have mechanical-metered control valves that have been specifically designed to measure and dispense volumes of all kinds of synthetic and mineral oils and to lead the competition in technology and innovation. This handle is simple and robust and fits well in all applications including outdoors where it is exposed to the elements. The one piece molded pointer knob, which encloses a very robust and unique reset mechanism is protruding for easy resetting and reading but is resistant to impacts. The larger metering chamber increases fluid delivery and flow up to 33% compared to competition.

HF Series: The HighFlo (HF) electronic-meter control valves are available in metered and non-metered configurations. With flow rates up to 18.5 GPM, this series is a perfect fit for high volume dispense applications in the truck, mining and heavy equipment markets. Available in both 3/4 and 1” sizes, the HighFlo will withstand severe high volume applications with ease. Oval gear technology in the metered version provides extreme accuracy, dependability and ease of use.

Fluid Inventory Control

Several Systems Available

Balcrank has the most comprehensive line of fluid inventory control systems in our industry. From the entry level Director Jr. to the powerful, full featured Synergy system. Balcrank has the right product for every application.

Director Jr. System: Capable of managing a single fluid for up to 10 dispense points. Simple, easy to install and use, the Director Jr. has been in use since 1987. Typical customers include small garages, dealerships, and small equipment service.

Fusion 2.4 Wireless System: Capable of managing up to 16 fluids, 250 dispense points and 250 user ID’s. Fusion 2.4 is totally wireless, communicates directly between keypads and dispense valves. Typical applications include car dealerships, HD fleet, truck and bus facilities.

Synergy System: Capable of managing an unlimited number of fluids including oil, grease, DEF, windsheild wash fluid and anti-freeze. Synergy controls up to 255 dispense points with total simultaneous dispense capability. Network and DMS interface available as well as full tank monitoring and real-time inventory levels. Today, the needs of our customers are more complex, the fluids are many, and the challenges of managing and accurately monitoring these fluids are difficult. Wireless has its limitations, communication problems, and risks with all electronic controls mounted in the handle. Synergy brings you real-time information and seamless communication without interruption, interfacing with DMS software. Typical applications include, large dealerships, heavy-duty fleet/truck/bus facilities, industrial, mining and construction.